Way-Better (WB)

Wide-Band.com's objective is to provide COST EFFECTIVE automotive solutions to the customers who are interested in automotive performance parts that are easy to install, maintain and use. Our long term goal is to establish a customer base which we can interact, learn, teach and grow together. We believe we can provide the best solutions for all kinds of current and future automotive performance technologies.

WIDE-BAND.com is an Advanced Production Solutions (APSX) (www.apsx.com) company.


APSX WIDEBAND provides excellent EMAIL support. Please DO NOT call to get technical support.

We ARE a small but growing company.
We DO NOT have a dedicated phone for support.
So we DO NOT have a customer representative on the phone.
We have people designing, making and shipping products, at the same time RESPONDING SUPPORT EMAILS usually in 1-2 business days.
This business model allows us to keep our pricing THE LOWEST in the market.

Please be kind to the O2 sensor and the gauge since these are electronics at the end.
WHEN YOU SEND US AN EMAIL, please add the following crucial details to make the conversation faster:
- "The gauge I bough from you guys does not work" comment does not help at all.
- Your APSX WIDE-BAND or eBay order number
- Your buyer email or ebay email
- Order date
- Product name as listed on your order (we have more than one product)
- Give us your vehicle details and how you installed our product
- Try to tell your concern as a story line from the start in detail by using pictures and short video for a remote inspection. A close up picture of the electronic board would help a lot to see any damaged product.
- So please act like a DIY person and do not afraid of opening the plastic gauge by yourself. We are all doers and please do not try to be a keyboard hero for any small concerns.

All Streetrays (http://streetrays.com/) or StreetRays eBay customers with APSX D2 can get support directly from us by providing the order details.

We create SIMPLE solutions with ADVANCED technology

Our Story
Back in 2002, there were two engineers in the Xavier University MBA program. Their names were Rick Cevik and Kubi Kara. They started APSX, LLC. to provide SIMPLE solutions with ADVANCED technology to make people's lives better. Thanks to their super fast product development process, they have designed, made and sold RFID readers, aftermarket auto parts and accessories, robotics and consumer electronics to thousands of engineers, students, hobbyists, car enthusiasts and parents from all over the world.

They have no intention to stop doing it soon.

We believe in
100% complete job at the production line - Error free products
Simple and cost effective products
Pleasant customer experiences

Where we're located
Our offices are located just north side of beautiful Cincinnati.

Address: 11144 Luschek Dr. Blue Ash, OH 45241
EMail: info@wide-band.com
Support: support@wide-band.com

If you are interested in becoming a reseller for us, please send us an email to info@wide-band.com to receive our reseller application form. Once we get the filled form from you, we will get back to you in 5 business days.

Currently we have an eBay Reseller (
StreetRays) and we are not looking for another eBay reseller. Please contact us to become a reseller if you sell on other than eBay platform.
We welcome reseller requests from Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, France or Italy) and from Australia.