Way-Better (WB)

About WB Wideband

Wide-Band.com's objective is to provide COST EFFECTIVE automotive solutions to customers who are interested in automotive performance parts that are easy to install, maintain and use. Our long term goal is to establish a customer base in which we can interact, learn, teach and grow together. We believe we can provide the best solutions for all kinds of current and future automotive performance technologies.


WB provides excellent EMAIL support. Please DO NOT call to get technical support.

Please be kind to the O2 sensor and the gauge since these are electronics at the end.
WHEN YOU SEND US AN EMAIL, please add the following crucial details to make the conversation faster:
- "The gauge I bought from you guys does not work" comment does not help at all.
- Your WB or eBay order number
- Your buyer email or eBay email
- Order date
- Product name as listed on your order (we have more than one product)
- Give us your vehicle details and how you installed our product
- Try to tell your concern as a storyline from the start in detail by using pictures and a short video for remote inspection. A close up picture of the electronic board would help a lot to see any damaged product.
- So please act like a DIY person and do not afraid of opening the plastic gauge by yourself. We are all doers and please do not try to be a keyboard hero for any small concerns.

We create SIMPLE solutions with ADVANCED technology.

Email: info@wide-band.com
Support: support@wide-band.com