WB provides excellent EMAIL support. Please DO NOT call to get technical support.
We ARE a small but growing company.
We DO NOT have a dedicated phone for support.
So we DO NOT have a customer representative on the phone.
We have people designing, making and shipping products, at the same time RESPONDING SUPPORT EMAILS usually in 1-2 business days.
This business model allows us to keep our pricing THE LOWEST in the market.

Please be kind to the O2 sensor and the gauge since these are electronics and should be handled with care.

- You are not asking a "tuning question" that you could find an answer by searching Google for 10 minutes. Be aware that we are not "tuners", we are tuning electronics and tool provider.
- You are not asking for help for troubleshooting that you could find a resolution if you read USER MANUAL, KNOWLEDGEBASE or RETURNS pages on our website.
- You are not Spamming with a cut and paste generic sponsorship request to promote you or your racing team.
- You will give WB a "perfect" review on internet (forums, ebay, amazon, youtube etc...), if WB responds within 1-2 business days.

, please add the following crucial details to make the conversation faster:
- "The gauge I bough from you guys does not work" comment does not help at all.
- Your WB or eBay order number
- Your buyer email or ebay email
- Order date
- Product name as listed on your order (we have more than one product)
- Give us your vehicle details and how you installed our product
- Try to tell your concern as a story line from the start in detail by using pictures and short video for a remote inspection. A close up picture of the electronic board would help a lot to see any damaged product.
- So please act like a DIY person and do not afraid of opening the plastic gauge by yourself. We are all doers and please do not try to be a keyboard hero for any small concerns.

Once you receive the RMA# back from the support team, please ship the entire product including the harness and the sensor for a complete inspection. Provide the tracking# to support team once you ship it. Use the following address to ship the product:

RMA#XXXXXXX (the RMA# assigned to you)
11144 Luschek Dr.
Blue Ash, OH 45241

The support team will get back to you in 2 business days once receipt of the product. It will be either REPAIR or REPLACEMENT depending on the problem. The final option is to REFUND if there is no solution available.


In the unlikely event that your WB hardware should fail during the warranty period, a Return Material Authorization number (RMA) must be first retrieved from WB. Support can be contacted through email: support@wide-band.com. All serviceable goods must be packaged securely, RMA number, with all shipping charges prepaid and shipped to WB. Goods returned under warranty must be received by WB within ten (10) business days after the RMA number has been issued. Goods received after this period is subject to fees for the service of repair or replacement.

Please note that Bosch LSU4.2 (#17014) can not be refunded due to no warranty on O2 sensors.


WB provides excellent EMAIL support. Please DO NOT call to get technical support.
All Streetrays (http://streetrays.com/) or StreetRays eBay customers with WB D2 can get support directly from us by providing the order details.
Thank you!